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Typhoon Transit Day 3, July 

Photograph, variable dimensions, 2018

Unique Art Center, Parallel Exhibition of Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu 


Every summer in my hometown, there are memories of typhoons, always violent and quiet.  “Typhoon Transit Day 3” documents fragmented scenes of Xiapu (Fujian) - Luxia, Gaolou and Changchun, three days after the typhoon. Rather than presenting the frenzy of its passage, the focus here is on the disordered, disorganized, and recovering landscape. They implicitly map the relationship between human activity and nature, documenting the brief but recurring encounter, and the blurred zone, between destruction and reconstruction, Presenting objects that can be perceived as sculptural works after the collision and entanglement of the landscape with the typhoon. The shirts incidentally encountered during the shooting, read in french: Maison, souvenirs de voyage (Home, memories of travel) which in trance became Voyage, souvenirs de maison (Travel, memories of home). This series is the last memory of typhoons in my hometown before the pandemic.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Paris, June 2023

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